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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese Horoscope 2012 Pig

General Pig 2012

The astral configurations indicate that the generosity will be the best way this year. The natives of this sign will have no choice: whatever they undertake for their own personal gain will prove disappointing fairly quickly, whereas on the contrary, when they act in the light of others, succeed! So why hesitate? Especially in the context of their work that the natives will probably have to choose between selfishness and altruism, personal ambition and participation in a collective project. Some of them will have this year to make a choice between personal triumph and a less rewarding, but allow to work for the good of all.

To make the most of astral influences of the year, put yourself in harmony with the star Thieu Duong. Specifically, on a professional level, give priority to your wishes. This will not do you anything to continue in a way that displeases you. Do not act lightly, of course: there is no question of leaving a stable and remunerative employment at a time when unemployment is still high! But try to give you the means to steer your business in a direction that suits you best. In terms of health, you'll want full year, you support: adopt a healthy lifestyle early in the year, without waiting to be sick.

Love Pig 2012

First quarter: If you are unattached sentimental, the planet Hoa Loc will give you a great desire to go out, to show you more open, sociable. So you are in a favorable climate for meetings that will lead quickly and easily on love and maybe even marriage. Couples with this aspect of the star Huu Bat, you will need a little more vigilant. It will be wary of the lies and the risk of misunderstandings. Attention also to disputes that go further than we would have liked.

Second Quarter: The star will join the star Tu Phu Pha Toai in the love. This should promise you a successful married life, with perfect harmony and a nice complicity with your partner. If you are looking for a soul mate, remember that the world will Pha Toai your accomplice in this period. So please accept all invitations, even if time is lacking: it is possible, it is likely that you meet your destiny sentimental at a wedding or a reception with friends. Remember to treat your bet. And speak little, for it is by your silence that you shine.

Third quarter: Your love life should be exciting at this time. On the agenda: desire and passion for couples and for solo, a very important meeting. But be careful: You should be wary of the impact on the planet Suy, who can make it too demanding.

Fourth quarter: If you live in couple, you bathe in bliss. It will be downright ecstasy! If you are single, this time will mark a milestone. The great love should break into your life and revolutionize your life. And you, who are engaged for many months or more, but failed to convince your dear (expensive) and tend to do without the knot, you finally get satisfaction. The romantic wedding of your dreams will take place soon!

Work Pig 2012

First quarter: Your ambition and, above all, your work will be magnified in this aspect of the star Tam Thai. With one caveat, however: you may show at times awkward, and make your ambitions, your wishes and your demands without any diplomacy, even with some aggression. And it will not be the right way to win: negotiations and dialogue with others would be paying much more.

Second Quarter: Your life will take place in an atmosphere of seriousness and even for some fairly stressful. However, thanks to the star Long Duc, you should have no real problems. And with the star Phuc Duc look good, you will be supported by luck. So even if your situation seems difficult, do not worry: things will work out.

Third quarter: With the world Hong Loan in your heaven, you should have an exceptional intuition will put you on the road to success in your profession. You do not need to fiddle with the brains to know what to do or avoid, you feel the opportunities and how best to exploit them. Enjoy this state of enlightenment before he walks away.

Fourth Quarter: If you're struggling with problems related to your work, know that during this period, under the iron rule of the star Thien Phu, a journey, a trip or a move could be the key that you would solve them. Anyway, you should take the opportunity to assist you in your professional life.

Health Pig 2012

First quarter: The areas of your health-related topic do not host any planet right now. You will be in good shape, nothing more. The conflict between the stars and Quan Phu Triet will be able to claim an increased nervousness. You will have an interest in a sport or activity that helps to fight against stress, like yoga or relaxation.

Second Quarter: The position of the star Nguyet Duc is good: because it promises an excellent balance of basic, and for those who suffer from long-term illness, the certainty of being well cared for and meet the doctor for them. But that same star also has a negative impact on health: it may indeed precipitate in excess, for example by making us greedy. You will need to ensure a closer look at your diet.

Third quarter: Physical fitness and tone to spare! Why not take advantage of this great energy to engage in sports activities that you would do the most good? You do not need to be a champion in any discipline is to exercise your body.

Fourth Quarter: No major health problems to be feared. But the vitality will suffer a slight decline. Beware of overeating, beverages or tobacco, because, mind you, you will miss much of a sense of proportion. The bronchi and throat will be more sensitive; protect them against moisture and air currents.

Money Pig 2012

First quarter: Everything will be fine financially if you stay very cautious and avoid unnecessary expenses. But if you yield to temptation, you can not avoid suffering the backlash of the negative impact of the sun Than Giai. It will not now take important financial decisions, whether buying, selling or investments.

Second Quarter: The planet is well aspected Tam Thai. Those of you who have wisely managed their budget can afford safe lately a small gift nice. The others may begin to recover. If you are over-indebted, make an appointment with your banker: he can probably buy your credits and rescheduling your repayments over time, so they are less heavy.

Third quarter: Beware The stars Thien Thien Tho and! The first can at times get too euphoric and reckless to the point of neglecting your accounts and find yourself with an important discovery. The second blow of you want to spend well above your means. If you yield to the call of the sirens, then you will for months to regain balance. But if you show reasonable, your finances will be the best in the world.

Fourth quarter: Financially, wisdom and prudence are in order. If you impose a minimum of rigor in managing your budget, rather than spend wildly to suit your mood, you will have the satisfaction of improving your resources.

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