Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chinese Horoscope 2012 Snake

General Snake 2012

The blockades will be lifted this year. At work, new opportunities will appear. Family, family is doing well and have the desire to undertake. Couples, complicity and desire will again be at the rendezvous. This is really as if the sun was returning after a long winter. In addition, the natives of this sign are with magnificent progress financially. This improvement, a little slow earlier this year, will be clearer after July. Also, their mindset will change this time. Instead of brooding, they will again believe in their good fortune. Much more optimistic attitude will make them more pleasant to live as a couple. And more attractive if they live alone. It is with confidence in their future while they succeed!

The star Truc Phu, influencing areas related to self-expression and relationships with others, will help this year to respond positively to the challenges of fate. Enjoy the energy benefit that this star can breathe out of your shell. This will be the perfect time to assert yourself and regain your confidence. You can enjoy all the little events of daily life, whether positive or negative, to learn to listen to others, respect their views, to love them. You will quickly realize that opening his heart to others does not mean to depend on him, and it's loving you yourself first that you can turn your love serenely others.

Love Snake 2012

First quarter: The loves are great. You will be more sentimental than usual, and also more demonstrative. It will be any benefit for your partner. The relationship between the couple will be profound. You become in a more understanding, more loving. Try to be an open book to the other, this will strengthen your complicity. Singles, you will dominate your character, independent to the extreme, if you want your union to be viable possibility. For those who attempts marriage adventure hardly a word of advice: put some order in your love life, which has a great need.
Second Quarter: Although the star Thanh Long will always be in your heaven, and may complicate the lives of some couples where the agreement is defective. But for most of you, the major influence of the period that will be very positive, Thien Rieu. This planet of love will multiply your power of seduction and awaken your sensuality. Your heart will beat faster, and many of you will be ready to fall or to fall in love. This impact will be even more noticeable if you were born in one year Water.
Third quarter: Under the influence of Vu Khuc, intellectual world, you will need to establish a genuine dialogue with your partner. Cuddles, okay, but it's not just the body, there is also the spirit, you will be convinced! This planet is also very friendly solitary, whose charm and magnetism will be sharply higher.
Fourth Quarter: Meetings are predictable interesting for singles, who can discover the person of their dreams. Warned however not to indulge too idealize the object of your love. It can happen to you refuse to see what does not suit you, and then train in the morning! For couples, the impact of the star Lam Quan will be conducive to dialogue and complicity.

 Work Snake 2012

 First quarter: The planet Duong Phu motivate you and make you want to succeed in your business. But as it will form the bad aspects with other planets, it may cause you to measure the wrong options available to you right now. Depending on your temperament, you will tend to take too many risks or, conversely, not daring enough to get started for fear of making mistakes. Try to analyze the situation as calmly as possible so as to make the right choices. If you can not see clearly, ask a friend to talk to someone will help you better understand the situation.
Second Quarter: Planet Long Duc suggests a career primarily due to merit. Many will therefore be the natives of this sign, which will receive a salary increase or a rise in rank, while many other native will have their names removed from lists of unemployment.
Third quarter: Your life will be featured. The stars Thien Ma and Tuyet will have the effect of increase your ambition. You are by nature part of wings of winners. This time, you spare no efforts to assert yourself. But beware: you can be quite clumsy at times. Your methods may be too cavalier risk alienating your colleagues or superiors. Try to adopt a more flexible, to negotiate rather than demand, and you will get much better results.
Fourth Quarter: You will be in the save set on a professional level. Some natives will spend more time to solve problems arisen lately, but for most of you, the period will be uneventful. Do not expect to receive exceptional strokes of luck. This is just routine, a bit boring, but ultimately very reassuring. Admit it, even for you who hate repetitive tasks, the routine is sometimes good!

Health Snake 2012

First quarter: The star Thien Khong form during this appearance may affect your health. You do not risk a serious warning, but on the other hand, you can not avoid the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. Overeating or excessive alcohol, will turn against you. Be reasonable.
Second Quarter: Your vitality will be sharply higher. Your spirits soar. Optimism will be on the agenda. So the time is ripe to attack you head on various minor health problems that bother you for a long time. We should still not as medical advances are a dead letter for you!
Third quarter: Resilient base. But this will be enough there to maintain your balance? Under the impact of the star Thien Rieu, you will in fact more demanding than ever and will not want to deprive you of chocolate or Martini. And that greed could turn against you, not only your size might thicken, but you would also some nice attacks liver!
Fourth quarter: Everything will be fine next health if you adopt a healthy lifestyle. But those of you who indulge in excessive risk of immediate payment. Overeating or drinking, of course, but disordered life and lack of sleep, even unbridled sexuality, may also turn against you. Advice, therefore: eat lightly, sleep enough, observe moderation, and take regular exercise.

Money Snake 2012

First quarter: You'll probably be buying for children or for the home. If they are clearly needed, go ahead without fear, the stars will support you. Consider, however, to keep some money aside to cope with unforeseen expenses. If you calculate just too much, you risk finding yourself in a bind, because the lives of everyone There are many hazards.
Second Quarter: You worry about your current financial situation. Know that you will start a period rather favorable. Your income will tend to increase. Do not be impatient, consolidating your situation can only be done slowly and as long as you show rectitude, fair play and sense of economy. The star Hao Tieu see a very dim view of any precipitation or any attempt to achieve your goal with questionable methods.
Third Quarter: The development of your financial situation will acknowledge a gap which, fortunately, is not disastrous. You will have a slight drop in your business and some financial constraints. But you will be perfectly able to turn things in your favor if you work hard instead of spending your time complaining, and if you agree to make the necessary sacrifices by giving up some of your spending plans.
Fourth quarter: The stars support your financial interests and give your business a new impetus. Your bank account will likely swell significantly. But is it reasonable to seek unduly to satisfy your hunger for current expenses? Instead, think about investing your money in anticipation of unpleasant life events always possible. It can never be too prepared!

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